How to deploy alf.io on Heroku

Some of the following steps require that you have a Java™ Runtime Environment installed on your computer.

Account setup

In order to proceed, you must create an account on Heroku. After that you must download and install the Heroku Toolbelt

Create the application

Open a terminal and run the following command to log yourself in:

heroku login

enter your e-mail and password when requested. After that, you’re ready to create your new application:

heroku create YOUR_APP_NAME

Please note that the application name will be part of the url (e.g. YOUR_APP_NAME.herokuapp.com)

Edit Application properties

Open the Dashboard and select your application

select your application

Add new add-on

Open the “resources” tab, and click on the “+” near “Find more add-ons…”

add new add-on

Add Database instance

Search “Heroku Postgres” using the text field and then select the Heroku Postgres plan which fit your needs.

For a test-drive we suggest to go with the “Hobby Dev” plan, otherwise “Hobby Basic” should be fine.

Set up Postgres on Heroku

Install Heroku Deploy plugin

In order to deploy the application you need to install the Heroku-Deploy toolbelt plugin:

heroku plugins:install heroku-cli-deploy

Deploy the application

create a new directory and move into it

mkdir alfio-heroku; cd alfio-heroku

download alfio-{VERSION}-boot.war from github

curl -OL https://github.com/alfio-event/alf.io/releases/download/{VERSION}/alfio-{VERSION}-boot.war

download the Procfile deployment descriptor:

curl -OL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alfio-event/alf.io/master/etc/heroku/Procfile

then you can deploy your new application:

heroku deploy:jar --jar alfio-{VERSION}-boot.war --jdk=11 --app YOUR_APP_NAME

Retrieve admin password

check the log

heroku logs --source app --app YOUR_APP_NAME --tail

and find the auto-generated password. Then you can access the admin under https://YOUR_APP_NAME.herokuapp.com/admin/

Admin password is displayed on the log