This tutorial apply to Openshift v2, which is no longer available.
The new tutorial is currently being developed. Any help would be really appreciated!

This option requires 1.7.4+
  • Elephant SQL logo

    Elephant SQL is a PostgreSQL database hosting service.

    Follow the official documentation to get your database up and running in a few seconds.

    For maximizing performances, we would suggest you to deploy your database in the same availability zone of your application.

  • Configure your application to use the new database.

    Retrieve the Database connection string from the console

  • Set the following variables in your application:

    $ rhc set-env ELEPHANTSQL_MAX_CONNS=20
    $ rhc set-env ELEPHANTSQL_URI=database-URL

    you should distribute the connections towards your instances.
    This means that if you are planning to scale horizontally, you should set ELEPHANTSQL_MAX_CONNS=max_allowed_conns / max_instances

  • Add a database cartridge

    Click on Add Postgresql 9.2 link in order to create a database cartridge. Please note that currently supports only Postgresql on Openshift

  • Save Postgres cartridge

    Click on Add Cartridge link to create the cartridge

  • Restart your application

    The application and the database cartridges have been successfully created but not yet linked each other. To do that, you must restart your application. Just click on Restart Application, as shown